Sunday, August 14, 2011

Integrity - the little things count

I am currently reading a book called "The Integrity Advantage" by Adrian Gostick and Dana Telford. I never really thought about whether everyone tried to have integrity, I always assumed that everyone wanted to be the best person they could be. I guess you can call me naive - trusting that people really are good people. Although - I know there are those who are mean of course. I do have a Sociology degree and have done much research on the failures of our society.

I guess it's because I've always had a voice inside me saying "Don't lie, it's bad" "treat people the right way" Maybe my mother? :)

I think it started with my parents. They always taught me to tell the truth, even if I would get into trouble. I was taught to take responsibility for my actions and my mistakes - and to learn from them.

For me, there is definitely a line in the sand that I never cross. I read that 50% of people - BUSINESS people nonetheless - LIE!. On a daily basis! That is just plain right out shocking to me.

In a study done of 13,000 employees in the US - many did not trust their CEO or management. Now, THAT's sad. How could you possibly do your best work and have the most productivity in an atmosphere where you don't even trust your management team? Not only would it make your job more difficult to do well, but in the end you would beat yourself up for working for someone like that - because YOU have integrity.

This week I will remember that the little things count - even little lies destroy your integrity.

Have a great week!

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